MaxSars COVID-19 RT-qPCR Kit

Catalog Number: RTP01V100

Unit Size: 100rxns

Also Known As:  COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, RT-qPCR, RdRP, N

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covid-19 samples tubes for RT-PCR Kit

This kit includes all componets (Primers, Probes, Positive, Negative Control etc.)

Price Comparison of COVID-19 RT-qPCR Kits

Biovendor100$us. 975
Geneon100$us. 761.98

(699 Euros)

Eurofinsgenomics96$us. 1396
MaxPrecision Lab100$us. 550

Our COVID-19 RT-qPCR Kit Is Fully Compatible With:

    • ABI 7500
    • Bio-Rad CFX96
    • 7 QuanStudio’s 7 Flex
    • Roche: LightCycler Series
    • Agilent: Mx3005p
    • Qiagen: RotorGene3000

Componests MaxSars COVID-19 RT-qPCR Kit:

RTP01V100-12X RT-qPCR MasterMix1.25 ml100
RTP01V100-2RT-qPCR Enzyme Mix40 μl100
RTP01V100-3COVID-19 Primers/Probes200 μl100
RTP01V100-4Positive Control100 μl20
RTP01V100-5Negative Extraction Control1.0 ml20
RTP01V100-6Nuclease-Free Water1.0 ml100



Our Production Team Has Been Working Very Hard To Fulfill The High Demand For Covid-19 RT-PCR Kits.

Therefore The Number Of Samples Is Limited.

In Order To Confirm The Number Of Samples Available. Please Send Us An E-Mail To:

MaxSars COVID-19 RT-qPCR Kit Follows Recommendations From The WHO And US CDC.

  • High Specificity For Target Markers RdPR, N.
  • Fast Results, In Less Than 2 Hours.
  • Possitive Control Included.

MaxPrecision Lab Warranties that all products will be FREE from defects in materials, workmanship and will perform in conformance with our protocols*.


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