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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high-throughput technology that enables the rapid sequencing of millions of DNA strands in parallel. With its ultra-high throughput capabilities, scalability, and speed, NGS has revolutionized the genomics and biological sciences. With NGS, researchers can perform a variety of applications as well as study biological systems beyond the capacity of traditional sequencing technologies.

For most of the NGS platforms available on the market, there is a large demand for high quality oligos for successful sequencing. The quality of the oligos are crucial because any contamination can lead to strong background or splicing errors. These errors may seriously affect the overall sequencing results while also wasting valuable time and effort in the process. MaxPrecision Lab’ MaxiOligo 1.0 Oligo Synthesis Platform allows us to avoid these potential errors while delivering custom, high-quality oligos for NGS applications.

Competitive Advantages

  • Industry-Leading Coupling Efficiency:Minimally reduce the dimer generation of synthetic oligos.
  • Exclusive Production Processes:Standardized and stringent quality controls ensure batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Low Levels of the Cross-Contamination:Strict purification standards generate higher quality products, often with purity ≥90%.
  • Flexible Oligo Specifications:Customizable formulation, mixing options and documentations are available.

Custom High Quality Oligos for NGS Services

Our NGS grade oligos are recommended for a variety of requests independent of the instrument or technology. Customized synthesis, modification, purification and delivery is provided to meet all our customer’s needs.

  • MaxiOligo Adapters/UMI
  • MaxiOligo Hybrid Capture Probe
  • MaxiOligo Blocking Oligos
  • Amplification Oligos
  • Sequencing Oligos
SpecificationLengthTurnaround TimeDeliverablesPrice
Indexed Adapters60~70bp5~7 Business days• Products in tube/plate/chip

• Comprehensive QC report (HPLC, MS)

Capture Probe (DNA oligo – 120nt biotin, Oligo pools, Multiplex PCR oligos)10~170bpInquire
Blocking Oligos~60bp5~7 Business days
Other NGS oligos10~150bp


Adapter ligation is a critical step in the NGS process. The process involves the addition of a defined sequence to the end of the fragmented, end-repaired or dA-tailed DNA samples. To comply with our customers’ requests, MaxPrecision Lab has launched a series of adapter products for various high-throughput sequencing platforms. These platforms were developed through considerable research and development in order to upgrade production processes for optimized synthesis and stringent quality control. Using these platforms we can deliver high quality adapters to enable efficient adapter ligation, sufficient library yields and minimized mismatch/sequencing errors to ensure that the MaxiOligo® adapters meet your every NGS request.

Competitive Advantages

  • High Coupling Efficiency:Minimally reduce the dimer generation of synthetic oligos.
  • Exclusive Production Processes:Standardized and stringent quality controls ensure batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Low Levels of the Cross-Contamination:Strict purification satisfies the elevated quality, often with purity ≥ 90%.
  • Flexible oligo Specifications:Highly customized formulation, mixing options and documentations are available.

Comprehensive Adapter Capabilities

Low Levels of the Cross-Contamination

The cross-contamination rate (‰) of high-quality oligos synthesized by MaxPrecision Lab specifically for the adapter is lower than the market level.

Coupling Efficiency Verification

High Purity Guarantee

Strict purification processes ensure high purity primers with a purification efficiency of over 90%.

Extremely Low Base Error Rare

Molecular weight error range is less than one thousandth.

SpecificationLengthPurificationTurnaround TimeDeliverablesPrice
Indexed Adapters~65bpPAGE/HPLC5~7 Business DaysProducts in tube/plate; COAInquire


Service Specifications

Adapters Application in NGS Workflow

MaxiOligo Hybrid Capture Probe

Target region enrichment technology enables specific hybridization between probes and genomic regions of interest in various high throughput sequencing techniques. Well-designed probes can effectively capture SNPs, known or unknown mutation (indels, inversion, recombination, etc) and many clinical tumor-related genomic regions.

Based on our qualified and optimized oligo design and synthesis platform, MaxPrecision Labcan offer custom hybrid capture probes and a series of sequence capture probes for personalized drug or disease susceptibility gene variation research. Using this platform, we can design and synthesize labeled capture probes in solution or on-chip to achieve high specificity and deep reads. The generated probes are typically utilized in the whole exome sequencing (WES), target region sequencing (TRS), etc.

Competitive Advantages

  • Multiple probe schemes including individually synthesized single probe or high-throughput probe pool.
  • High sequence accuracy and specificity, effectively improving capture efficiency.
  • Target region enrichment, reducing sequencing cost and the difficulty of massive data analysis.
  • Customizable services with reliable quality and high performance.
SpecificationsLengthTurnaround TimeDeliverablesPrice
Capture Probe (DNA oligos – 120nt biotin, Oligo pools, Multiplex PCR oligos)10~170bpInquireProducts in tube/plate/chip, Comprehensive QC report (HPLC, MS)Inquire

MaxiOligo Blocking Oligos

In Whole-Exome Sequencing (WES) or Target Region Sequencing (TRS), blocking oligos couple with library adapter sequences to reduce the hybridization between adapters and capture probes during the library enrichment process. MaxPrecision Lab provides optimized and practical blocking oligos for minimizing the off-target effect of the capture probe and improving the specificity of capture sequencing.

We can customize blockers, offer comprehensive modifications, extra purification and special delivery format to meet our customers’ requests. Each MaxiOligo Blocking is synthesized individually under stringent MS quality control and additional functional verification. We will deliver high-performance blocking oligos to effectively increase the capture efficiency with dual or single index adapters when library enrichment.

Competitive Advantages

  • High purity guarantee
  • Extremely low base error rate
  • Low cross-contamination
  • Customizable services

Blocking Oligos Application