MaxExtraction Plant DNA Purification Kit (Column)

Catalog Number: D106

Unit Size: 100 rxns

Also Known As:  Purification Kit / Extraction Kit/ Isolation Kit

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MaxExtraction Plant DNA Purification Kit (Column)

The Plant Genomic DNA Isolation Kit is designed primarily for the extraction of genomic DNA from plant samples. This one-of-a-kind buffer technique ensures that whole DNA is extracted from samples with a high yield and good quality. The spin column technology purifies or concentrates DNA products that have been extracted earlier using buffers. No phenol/chloroform extraction needed. The full method can be conducted in 1 hour. Purified DNA can be used in PCR and other enzyme-based procedures.


  • High-quality genomic DNA delivered quickly.
  • Ready-to-use genomic DNA for high performance in any downstream application.
  • High purity and high yield genomic DNA can be recovered.
  • Designed to swiftly purify high-quality DNA using a spin column format, with an optimized lysis buffer.

Number of Reactions: 100


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