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Who We Are

MaxPrecision Lab LLC was established in the state of Wyoming, of The United Stated of America in 2009. At the beginning the company started producing, basic taq polymerase chain reaction reagents among with buffer solutions, dNTPs for local research institutions. Due to the positive and consistent feedback from our local customers the order volumes increased, which motivated us to develop new product categories such as: DNA Extraction, RNA Purification and PCR clean-up kits. Our next goal was to expand business internationally, after analyzing the biotech market and in order to be have competitive pricing we decided to move our facilities to Taiwan. We found Taiwan to be the best place to produce our reagents due to their advanced technology, hard working people, and the capability to produce high quality reagents to competitive prices. During the last decade, we kept on receiving positive reviews from our customers, that reassures that the quality of our products is still high, but more affordable. MaxPrecision Lab’s best selling products are DNA Staining since we were able to develop the perfect replacement to the DANGEROUS Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), with a safer stain to visualize gel electrophoresis. We are growing in competitive markets in Japan, Canada and USA. Our next goal for 2018 is get into new markets such as: New Zealand, Latin America and Australia.

The Advantages of Working with MaxPrecision Lab:

  • Experienced staffs
  • High-end products
  • Competitive prices
  • 3rd party inspection accepted
  • Fully Customized Products
  • Free samples (shipping cost not included)