Magnetic Separation Rack

Catalog Number: M16

Unit Size: 1 Magnetic Separator Rack for 16 1.5mL microtubes

Also Known As:  Viral RNA Isolation Kit, RNA Purification Kit, Viral RNA Extraction Kit (COVID-19)

Warranty: 1 Year

Made in The USA

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Magnetic Beads Separation Rack

This Magnets are N52 grade, specially manufactured for Viral RNA Extraction, this makes the beads to be lifted from the bottom of the 1.5 ml microtube.

This procedure will allow you to pipette liquids away very easily.


Compatible with MaxBeads from MaxPrecision Lab

Includes Neodymin Magnets For RNA Extraction (The Strongest Magnets).

Magnetic Separation Rack

magnetic separation rack for dna arn extraction

Magnetic Rack Separator For 16 Microcentrifuges Tubes

magnetic bead separator for dna rna isolation

Magnetic Bead Separator

Suitable for 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes

Applications: Viral RNA Extraction

Capacity: 16 microcentrifuges tubes

Suitable for pippets of 6 channels

Magnetic Separation Rack Price Comparison:

Company Cat. # Price
Thermo (16-Tube) 12321D $us 676
Qiagen (12-Tube) 36912 $us 399
Spherotech (16-Tube) MTMS-16 $us 310
CHEMICELL (20-Tube) MP-20 $us 460
Magbio (12-Tube) MBMS-12 $us 367
MaxPrecision (16-Tube) M16 $us 199

All customers who place orders more than 15 kits of MaxBeads Viral RNA Extraction Kits will GET 1 Magnetic Separation Rack FOR FREE.

Magnetic Bead Separation Rack


Dimensions: 12.9 cm x 4.2 cm x 3.5 cm

Magnets Thickness: 1.27 cm

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