MaxPlant RNA Extraction Kit (Column)

Catalog Number: R103

Unit Size: 100 rxns

Also Known As:  Purification Kits / Extraction Kit/ RNA Isolation

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MaxPlant RNA Extraction Kit (Column Based)

The Total RNA Isolation Kit provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective method for isolation of total RNA from plant samples. Detergents and chaotropic salt are used to lyse cells and inactivate RNase. The specialized high-salt buffering system allows RNA species longer than 100 bases to bind to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column. The Total RNA Isolation Kit is suitable for a variety of routine applications including RT-PCR, cDNA Synthesis, Northern Blotting, Differential display, Primer Extension and mRNA selection. The entire procedure can be completed within 60 minutes.


  •  Delivering high-quality total RNA with the fast procedure
  •  Ready-to-use RNA for high performance in any downstream application
  •  Consistent RNA yield from the starting material with a small amount

Size: 100 Reactions


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